Windows 8 on the TV: A move that could take over the big screen too?

I was thinking about this today as I scrambled to find information about the best media-center software available. I started considering Windows 8 as a means to stream content efficiently without any loss of functionality on the big screen. I would assume the Modern UI would scale well to the size of a television, and the ability to still use Steam might make it more appealing than a Boxee, Apple TV, or WD TV Live. I've found all the other options to be limited somewhat because of their lack of versatility. Whether it's not having Amazon's Prime Video (WD TV Live), or just not being able to stream without a seperate channel (Roku) or iTunes (Apple TV), and lastly, not being updated for personal use any more (Boxee). I really think that Windows 8, considering the live tiles, might make for a more respected alternative to these platforms - especially if, like the 360, you could utilize a Kinect for the interface.

What do you think? Is Windows 8 a proper move to help take over the third screen in our lives?