Why I think Windows 8 will bring superior tablet games


Microsoft brings direct support for 5 physical sensors:

accelerometer, gyroscope, inclinometer, magnetometer and ambient light sensor

and 2 virtual sensors:

Orientation - This sensor returns a rotation matrix and a Quaternion that can be used to adjust the user's perspective in a game application.

Simple Orientation - This sensor detects the current quadrant orientation of the specified device as well as its face-up or face-down status.

Developers who are savvy enough to make use of all these can make games that will blow away any that you see on iOS. Microsoft obviously put a lot of thought into the new WinRT API.

Sensor Description
Accelerometer Detects acceleration along three axes (x, y, and z).
Inclinometer Detects changes in angle of incline.
Gyrometer Detects changes in angular velocity.
Compass Detects changes in orientation.
Light Detects changes in ambient lighting.
Orientation Combines the accelerometer, compass, and gyrometer to obtain more sensitive movement data.
Simple Orientation Uses the accelerometer to obtain device orientation as a rotation into one of four quadrants, or face-up, or face-down.