Windows 8 "PlayTo" feature

Looks like it works, but I have 2 problems with it.

#1 - you have to explicity add the PlayTo target. on Apple devices, AirPlay targets just automatically show up on your "streaming to" list if they're physically on. F.e., newer Macs & Airport devices. Is this a pure design decision or there is a problem with DLNA devices that you can't just scan and add?

#2 - streaming a photo or video to a PlayTo target, you have to invoke the Devices Charm and select a streaming target. Compare that to the streaming interface on Apple devices:





The main problem I see is that on Windows 8 you go to a general devices list that lumps in DLNA targets, printers and the hell knows what else. It's confusing to the user, Microsoft should rethink this UI a bit.