The iPhone 5 is Boring - Here's Why

I don't know why anyone hasn't pointed this out so I'll go ahead and do it.

iPhone Original - Revolutionary in itself.

iPhone 3G - Introduced the app store and third party apps.

iPhone 3GS - Wasn't revolutionary. But it had a lot of great performance enhancements that were needed and it got iOS 6 (for whatever thats worth).

iPhone 4 - Retina display. It was resolutionary.

iPhone 4S - It had Siri and started the smart agent "craze".

iPhone 5 - ?

The iPhone 5 has a better processor and a better screen than the 4S. The One X is better than all the previous HTC phones and the Galaxy S3 is better than the Galaxy S2. What I mean is the iPhone 5 does not bring any new killer feature. There was no "One more thing" moment. All phones get better with each iteration so when people say the iPhone is boring thats because not much changed.

Lets compare for arguments sake. Just the screen since that's the big "thing" this time. People claimed that the iPhone's 3.5 inch screen was "perfect". A lot of those same people laughed at the Galaxy Note and the entire "phablet" concept. Now the iPhone 5 has a bigger taller screen. Its not wider so its not bigger in the normal sense but it is taller. The 3.5 inch is perfect concept is out the window. Yes displaymate said that it was one of the best screens they tested (if not the best I'm not sure). But did people expect the new iPhone to have a worst screen than the competition? No. Hence boring.

Think back to WWDC. Lots of Apple fans said Apple would show something else later. Something magical. Why? Because they knew what they showed was distinctly lacking in magic. Later when the iPhone 5 shipped and iOS 6 came out nothing magical came. Unless you consider Maps magical.

So there you have it. The iPhone 5 is boring because it doesn't have any standout new features that make it awesome. And the new things people tout like a new processor or screen are to be expected and everyone does that. Simple right?

Also to the inevitable "what do you want a revolution every year?" Um personally I don't care if Apple revolutionizes things every year. Only when everyone becomes complacent will I be worried. More importantly though Apple has sold us on the concept of the "one more thing factor", the killer app. Every year except for the 3GS they did that. And the 3GS brought copy and paste. That's important in itself. The 5 has not one really stand out feature. It's a great phone everyone knows that. The thing is a great phone can be boring too.