Best GSM Flip Phone?

I've looked around and am continuing to look around but I can't seem to find a flip phone that suits me.

Why do I need one?
Well, I travel to lots of places, mainly Vietnam, and my mom doesn't want me to carry around my Evo 4G, or any touchscreen device for fear that someone might mug me. :/

Why not get a crap one?
Well, I don't like carrying crap, for one, and I happened to think that I'll use this phone for a long time, since I'll continue to travel whether to Vietnam with my family or to Japan and France at my own disgression.

What I'm looking for is a flip-phone with a sleek design, novel or otherwise, and is not "tacky" per say. Something modern looking, but is cool looking and equipped with decent software. I'll mostly be using this phone to make calls, text, and listening to music if it makes a difference.

Thanks ahead of time as I know that this is somewhat of a challenge,