WP8 needs one thing only to do well

Wp7 was regarded as the best looking OS and had hardware(Nokia 800, HTC Titan) to match. Reviewers gave it marks for its new design and smooth movement added to wonderfull everyday animations. But one thing it lacked was advertising. Carriers warent interested because Microsoft or any of the hardware partners wanted to really push it or at least thats what it seemed like(compared to Apple). Then Nokia signed the deal and made some ads but they just warent enough( you let a dying company spends its money on ads). If you have ever seen the Microsoft surface teaser you will know that microsoft has changed its attitude towards advertising(and for the better) so why didnt they put any money( which they have bucket full of) into it. One of the reasons is that microsoft has rellied on hardware companies to push the product and so the software at the same time. Xbox adverts warent needed so much because gam ads would meantion the name nearly always, they only needed to push ads when new Xbox's were released (and Kinect). In England I havent seen one single wp ad, only on youtube. The reason Nokia had to make adverts was because this was their chance to make a comeback. other companies(Samsung and HTC) are more interested in android .

Surface Advert


Wp8 hopefully will be different. With windows 8 and all of those tablet/laptops being released adverts advertising the products as an ecosystem would surely do the job, I own an ipod and already had a windows computer and Xbox and I found the ipod too un-related and wished I'd bought a wp7(Didnt get one at the end and current wp7's wont be getting wp8 so that was lucky) so everything was more intergrated. Also Hardware companies (excluding Nokia)seem to be more interested in wp8. With Samsung revealing the AtivS( which I'd say looks better than the S3 or at least the back of it) and rumours Htc are bringing beats audio to their wp8 devices( that will probably have a great looking app to go with) shows there is already more interest from the hardware companies. Another reason android heavy companies are turning to WP is Wp looks nothing like IOS and so wont bring companies under attack from apple lawsuits (at least regarding the software side of things). Nokia are lucky because although they are fighting Samsung and HTC for WP8 their special deal with Microsoft allow them to bring the Flagship phones for windows phone8 with special events held with Microsoft in NY.

Hopefully WP8 will provide consumers with a third route and will bring a more competative edge to the smartphone market