Jelly Bean, OEMs and the future.

Anyone notice OEMs are listening to people about updates to android, especially samsung as its about to start shipping in the S3 Australia with jelly bean on board and the galaxy note 2. (I like touchwiz and stock android, simple solution for me; I bought the nexus 7 to complement my android experience on the S3). Motorola's thinning out their skin, so i'm expecting htc to rethink their Sense skin for jelly bean. Android fans while you bash OEMs remember they have their interests and yours to consider and balance that's the reality of the business.

As regards the future, anyone notice no litigation in direction of jelly bean yet, this fact along with OEMs learning to avoid they-who-must-not-be-mentioned-as-the-trolls-shall-swarm design patents and still churn out great designs i look forward to 2013 especially with the nexus range.

Also take notice of the brushed aluminium back of samsung's newest windows device, i feel it might point towards a future design language of samsung devices. I feel like 2013 might be the year android is officially acknowledged and the beginning of a new future for windows 8 and windows phone 8 (I'm already saving for the surface while serious negotiations go on in my head between sensible self and the other self who wants everything awesome).

Remember folks, everything is of a cyclic nature, no one organisation can remain on top forever and with technological and economic cycles becoming shorter, this is more evident, today apple's on top, tomorrow android, day after that windows, after that an OS that's yet to exist. Peace.