The Microsoft eco-system experiment


From the end of this year into 2013 Microsoft are overhauling their entire eco-system.

This is an extraordinary effort and unprecedented for a tech company the size of Microsoft... and I believe it deserves and similarly extraordinary effort to be put into the review process.

For this reason I propose The Verge runs a Microsoft eco-system experiment.

This experiment would involve a staff member of The Verge fully integrating into the Microsoft eco-system and forgoing all other devices and services where there is a Microsoft equivalent for a period of three months.

Crazy, I know. However if Paul Miller can be offline for a year I don’t think this experiment is outside the realm of possibility.


For example they would use an Xbox for gaming plus the new Xbox Music\Video services, a Surface RT/Pro, Office 2013, SkyDrive for document syncing, for email, calendar and contacts, a Windows 8 Ultrabook and a Windows Phone 8 device.

Devices where there is no Microsoft equivalent (like Facebook, Twitter or Samsung Smart TV) could still be used.

This could be an interactive experiment, where the staff member has an open thread here on the Microsoft Tribe to ask "How the hell do I..." questions for the members here to answer.

If this seems too "Microsoft focused" I’m certainly not against The Verge running similar experiments with the Google and Apple eco-system.

I think the best time to start would be after the Office 2013 RTM (around March 2013).

If you like this idea make sure you click on the +RECS in the top left corner. Let's see if we can get this noticed! :)