Acer is on board to launch a suite of new Android smartphones and one new Windows Phone 8 device next year, according to a report from DigiTimes and confirmed by The Register. The company's president, Jim Wong, revealed the plans, saying that Acer has six new smartphones in the pipeline for 2013. The higher-end phones will use Qualcomm dual-core processors, while the lower-end models will use MediaTek processors. Wong elaborates to note that five of the size new phones will run Android, with a lone Windows Phone 8 device in the mix as well. Acer has been rumored to have a Windows Phone 8 smartphone in the works since July, so the president's statements don't come as a huge surprise. Acer has traditionally focused its smartphone efforts on the international market, so whether or not we will see any of these alleged new devices in the US remains to be seen.