Oh no why isn't my PC booting?!?

Hello helpful forum folks helping me through my PC build. I'd hoped you wouldn't hear from me until later this week when I posted my initial thoughts on building a PC. That, sadly, is not the case.

As of this morning, my PC isn't booting. I could really use your help.

To catch you up, I'm pasting an e-mail I sent to a co-worker in hopes of getting some advice:

"Things were going very well. The build last week was smooth. By Friday, I had all my drivers updated, and was playing Crysis. I still hadnt fixed my sound card, but otherwise, all signs were a-okay. I left for my vacation that afternoon, unplugging the power before I left.

Things changed this morning when I plugged my power strip back in. Both my iMac and the new PC failed to boot. I plugged the Mac into a differen outlet, and it has been fine since, working on any outlet I throw at it.

The PC however isn't having as much luck. When I power it on, the blue LED light on top of the case blinks then goes out. Inside the case, the fans spin for about half a second. Otherwise, I'm not getting anything. No beeps or the sound of the harddrives doing anything. The fan on the CPU doesn't spin.

I've tried practically everything on this list outside of testing the PSU:


Do you have any ideas what may be causing the problem? Any help is extremely appreciated."

Is this the end of the PC building adventure? I seriously hope not!