Flash/Hack/Root Galaxy Tab 2 - Help

Hi there,

i just got a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 - it came with my Samsung TV.

Well, i'm a bit dissappointed. It lags way too much and it has too much crap on it. I uninstalled all Apps which i don't need but the overall speed is still disappointing.

I read a lot that people use different "Roms", "Launchers" or "root their device" - sadly, i have no idea what exactly that means as i never used Andriod before.

It shouldn't be very difficult to learn for me but i don't know the proper resources to check it out so i'm asking the pros here from the Andriod Army.

Do you guys know some tutorials or resources which help me tweaking my Galaxy Tab 2 to an awesome experience?

I'd love if it would just have Stock Andriod, without all that TouchWiz-Samsung-Crap or anything.

Any help would be really appreciated.