[CONCEPT] Non-slab iPhone

I know the iPhone 5 is coming out soon, but I was wondering what a phone would look like if it were not just a flat sheet of glass. These days, form doesn't show you the function of a device and it tends to make things kind of boring. 200707171407_medium

My design kind of brings back the shape of old phones so there's something to play with in your hands and the screen won't get scratched or oily as quickly.


I was thinking for the front of the device, the angled parts would also be screen (using upcoming flexible displays) where the tabbed bars and title bars would reside. There will be a separation between title bars and contents. The angled displays would also give developers more room to put things like health bars or menu items to not distract from the content. Pressing buttons there would also be more tactile as the angle creates a lip where the screen meets the bezel.

Admittedly, there's not much theory behind this design, but I just had a cool drawing which I decided to turn into a concept device.

PS. This is my first attempt at drawing stuff in photoshop so go easy on me!