That damn shadow!!

Personally I don't give a crap what the next iPhone is called but given today's announcement the naming debate will likely be raised so I think it's important to post the for all the crazies out there.

The following is taken from

This is for all the stupid idiots that don’t know how the real world works.

2007 iphone named: iphone (because it’s a cool name)

2008 iphone named: iphone 3G (because of the 3G speed)

2009 iphone named: iphone 3Gs (because of the extra speed for the 3G)

2010 iphone named: iphone 4 (because it would be dumb to call it iphone 5,6,7,8 or anything else.)

2011 iphone named: iphone 4s (because every two years they like to add a “s” for speed and calling it 5 would be retarded when it looks the same. It also allows them to sell a crap load of new phones with very little changed.)

2012 iphone named: iphone 5 (because that is the name. If you ignore the dam “generation” and how many phones there were. And if you look at the world outside your nerd house; you will notice that EVERYONE else in the REAL world is waiting for the iphone 5. It will just confuse to many people and make even less sence to call it anything else. READ EXAMPLES)

The generation argument is the dumbest thing Ive ever heard.

Generation Example:
2012: iphone 6
2013: iphone 6s
2014: iphone 8
2015: iphone 8s
2016: iphone 10
2017: iphone 10s

Makes sense Example:
2012: iphone 5
2013: iphone 5s
2014: iphone 6
2015: iphone 6s
2016: iphone 7
2017: iphone 7s

Nerd speak “well you can’t call the 2016 iphone 7 because it’s the 10th phone”


I also think they will / should keep the numbers so they can keep adding the “S”. If they drop the number every other year the phone would be called “the new iphone s”?