Will the Nexus 7 overcome the still "Rumored" iPad Mini?

According to the latest rumors here, http://www.giga.de/tablets/ipad-mini/news/ipad-mini-design-prototyp-auf-der-ifa-entdeckt/, seems like the iPad mini would be actually have similar specs like the Nexus 7, aka no camera on the back. Also I do expect it's pricing to start at $299.00 for a 8GB or so.

Now before I thought if Apple gave the device a front and rear facing camera Google may have issues pushing the Nexus 7 over the iPad Mini, however it seems it may be speced similar to the Nexus 7. Yes a additional camera could make all the difference. However, with rumored Nexus 7 3G device in the air, does this still make the Nexus 7 the device to get?

I ask this because we all know Apple's marketing machine is a beast. Yeah hate if you like but their marketing is on point, and Google still has not figured it out, and Google needs to really work hard to get around it.

Yeah I know, "What about the Kindle Fire?" I think the Nexus 7 just turned that fire into a warm glow. Yes Amazon Prime and everything is nice, but being locked into their app store, without some of those Google Apps we love, is a deal breaker. I mean Nokia Maps? Really....what is this WP8? (hahaha WP8 is actually kind of nice) So for all you Kindle Fire I think most people when faced with a choice of 199.99 > Kindle Fire or Nexus 7, will take the Nexus.