Windows RT isn't about convergence.

It isn't. That's Windows 8 Pro. Some user tried to tell me earlier that Win8 RT was all about convergence and that because the iPad could not connect to an external GPU, rip CD's, backup hard drives, connect to wired printers, etc. it would fail. I'm sorry, but that is not what mobile devices are for. The iPad is a mobile device, and it shouldn't be rendered immobile. The RT is the same. I respect those who choose to have a hybrid device, replacing a laptop/desktop and a tablet. Win8 Pro is your solution. RT isn't. The purpose of a tablet is to be a mobile computing device. It isn't supposed to replace your laptop for every function (although, for many, it can and has). The RT is the same. User, estefun made a great post about an advantage that RT has over iOS and Android tablets. And that was hard support. Hard support for hard connections. But is that necessary? Is that relevant? I don't think it is. What's your take.