What is your platform of choice and why?

If most people are like me (and I like to think that they are), then many people mainly play games on one platform. While they may own several platforms but buy most of their games on one. Personally, I own an Xbox 360 and Windows PC but I tend to do most of my PC.

It's not because I believe PC gamers are indeed the master race and console gamers are inferior, but the benefits of the platform suits my lifestyle better. Having graduating from college and getting a job several months ago, I don't have time or even feel like driving to the nearest store to pick up whatever new game I want. With most major releases, pre-loads are usually avaliable so I can start playing nearly the minute a game becomes avaliable. Regardless, even if I don't play at the very first second a game is released, its ready for me when I get home from work that day without making a separate trip to the store. Not to mention if all your games are digital, then they have less of a chance of frightening off females (lol). In all seriousness, I feel like the PC suits me better than the Xbox at this point in my life.

While some may complain about the cost of a gaming PC I don't think it is anymore expensive to owning a console in the long run. considering there's no online fees, plenty of deals on games through Steam and Amazon, and your PC doubles as a machine for schoolwork or browsing the web.

That being said I do enjoy having my Xbox around too. In fact I upgraded my Xbox 360 to a white slim model with kinect this year and bought a 320 GB hard drive so I practically never have to worry about clearing out my hard drive again. I cut the cable about a year ago to save a bit of cash and haven't regreted it since. I mainly use my Xbox as a set top box for watching TV but I also enjoy games such as Halo, Gears of War, PGR (bring it back Microsoft), and Need for Speed. Many of those are A) Not avaliable on any other platform or B) not the same expierience as the PC. Kinect is great for when you want to play game with some of your friends who don't play games as well as voice commands for hulu, netflix, and HBO.

My point is that arguing over which platform is superior is idiotic since many people play games on a certain platform because it simply suits them best. When I was in high school making $7/hour, the Xbox 360 was my platform of choice. So what platform do you play games on and why?