How The Verge & Tom Warren did the right thing

I used to whine a lot about The Verge being biased against Microsoft. But the real issue was that other editors (Read Josh) didn't know much about the brilliance in the MS ecosystem because they didn't use it. Tom did. If you had noticed lately, every single MS article is written by Tom. You can see the clear difference it makes. If you remember the IFA Office 2013 'hands-on' by Ross you will realize how annoying it is to see an uninformed editor talk about something you love.

I think The Verge did the right move by giving Tom the authority on Windows Articles. The best part he barely throws a biased opinion or statement. He just reports things!! And given their sources, I must say that they are doing better than the "fan" sites with MS related leaks.

Thank you, Tom & The Verge.