If Microsoft was serious they'd subsidize Windows RT

Considering that the only avenue owners of Windows RT tablets have of getting apps on the device is the Windows Store, Microsoft should give Windows RT licenses to OEMs for free (or at the very least a low price like $10).

MS will make 30% on every app sold as well as the money they will make on their video and music offerings. This would lead to OEMs making more tablets with less risk while allowing the OEMs to stay competitive with Android and iOS devices. They would still sell licenses for full Windows 8 where the market is less competitive.

The point: If MS wants to get these things in the hands of consumers, they are going to have to make sure they are affordable. Not having the burden of a license cost, OEMs might be able to up the quality that much more. MS is more than willing to put their money where there mouth is on a new platform evidenced by the aggressive Xbox and Windows Phone marketing, Nokia deal, paying developers to make WP apps, and on and on. It just seems free RT licenses would be money better spent.

Seems like a no brainer to me but then again, what do I know?