Back in June when we reviewed Casio’s Japan-only G-Shock Bluetooth GB–6900 watch it was only compatible with a handful of Japanese Android phones, preventing it from ever having a chance in the overseas market. Now, Casio is announcing two new Bluetooth G-Shocks, the GB–6900AA (above) and GB-5600AA (below), that work with the iPhone 4S; bringing its smart watch functionality to Apple’s platform for the first time.

Just like the original GB–6900, the new watches sync with your phone over Bluetooth 4.0, notifying you of incoming phone calls, new emails, and alarms. A warning function will let you know if you walk away from your phone, and a Find My Phone-like audio alert is available with a single button press. So far there is still no support for non-Japanese Android devices, but 4S (and, presumably, iPhone 5) owners with Casio’s G-Shock+ app (being released alongside the watch) will finally get to enjoy the Casio connected timepiece experience. The company hasn’t announced pricing or availability for the US, but the GB-6900AA and GB-5600AA will be available in Japan for ¥18,000 (about $230) in October and November, respectively.