Nokia: 7 million Lumia's shipped (54 countries) to date.

[Update] The shipping numbers are
Q4 2011: 1m
Q1 2012: 1m
Q2 2012: 4m
Q3 2012 (so far): 1m

So this means in 10 months, Nokia has shipped (to 54 countries) a total of ~7 million Lumia's (610, 710, 800, and 900). If I were Nokia, I would have just kept that a secret.

Considering they had sold 1 million (800 and 710) by the end of 2011 [wikipedia], that means In the last 8 months they've sold/shipped a total of 6 million. In Q2 (launch of 610+900), They shipped 4 million WW. This means Q1 and Q3 combined for 2 million shipped/sold WW.

It's far more likely that Q1 (based on how sales typically work) outdid Q3 by quite a bit, so it would seem that the Windows Phone 7.8/8 debacle may have really hurt Nokia's sales. I guess consumers do care about updates.

Obviously this makes Engadget's conclusion wrong. While they were able to manage 1 million devices shipped without the announcement of a new product, that's still only 1 million in a quarter (so far, there is still a month to go)