Widgets showing off a Twitter user's latest tweets are hardly a new concept, but Twitter just gave them a major upgrade today. The new features include an extensive scrollable timeline and a reply field so users can send tweets straight from the widget; there's also expandable photos and images plus and the usual retweet and favorite options, as well. On its blog, Twitter says that the new widgets give users all of the same interaction options that you'd expect to see when browsing through the standard Twitter site.

In addition to embedding a standard stream of tweets from a specific user, the new widget also lets you display all tweets with a specific hashtag as well as all tweets from a specific list. For those interested in trying this out, Twitter has posted a how-to guide over on its developer blog — it's a very simple process only involving a single line of HTML code. If you're curious to see one of these widgets in action, Twitter has provided a number of examples in its blog — or you can see an example of it below, featuring all the tweets from the @verge account.