Has Apple's market share and presence grown to the point where they can't innovate?

iOS and the iPhone have a huge problem. The ecosystem Apple has built to be unique and recognizable may be keeping them from innovating. iOS is intuitive and easy for anyone to pick up and figure out. From my 4 year old nephew to 80 year old grandma. They scroll through lists of icons, choose the one they want and up pops the app. The hardware is easy on the eye and easily detectable to anyone. So have they grown to the point where they can't innovate the UI and hardware due to the fear of turning off customer base and losing market share? The iPhone 5 is not announced but we all have seen it will look quite a bit like the design previous with the 4 and 4s. The hardware is safe. Can they take a risk like the imac 3g, imac g4, original iphone, or the cube anymore? It seems like they are playing it very safe, and will be for the distant future.