Wait for 820 on Verizon, or switch to AT&T and get the 920???

Well I'm currently on Verizon with a GNEX and have been waiting patiently for a Windows Phone to no avail, however with the introduction of the 820 that might soon change. What I'm wondering is this: is the 820 a good enough phone to stick with Verizon or is it worth it to switch to AT&T and get the 920? There are obviously some major trade-offs involved with that decision first being that in my area (San Francisco) Verizon has far better coverage as well as 4G, secondly I currently have an unlimited plan on Verizon so I would have to forfeit that as well, and lastly it would likely mean having to lock myself into another 2yr contract. I absolutely love the 920 but I'm not sure I love it enough over the 820 to justify the sacrifices I would be making to get it. Anyways if you have any thoughts please let me know, or if your in the same boat as me I'd love to hear your opinions as well. Thanks!