Not sure which phone to buy!!!

I was wondering if anyone could help me brain storm.

I have a GNex, the battery makes it about 13hours of normal use before dying. It's not white, I want a higher RES and much better hardware.

I hate HTC Sense so that takes care of that.

I don't really want another Samsung phone with the awful plastic hardware they keep using.

As nice as Sony happens to be, they have no support.

SO!! I was looking into getting a Razor HD Maxx. Wondering if it will come in white?? Since I am on VZW owning a Nexus means nothing in terms of fast updates. Google should be the last of the Android announcements this year and I believe if they announce a Nexus it will be in November.

Should I wait till November or go ahead a buy that awesome battery having Razor HD Maxx.

Chime in please.

PS: Phone must have LTE, VZW or ATT.