What the hell is this, Motorola?

Listen, I don't mean to swear but... oh, who am I kidding?

Let me just start by saying:

What the FUCK is this SHIT, Motorola?

I can already imagine the meeting:

P1: "Hey guys, we need to find ways to differentiate out devices. Any ideas?"

P2: "Hey, um, I think I have an idea"

P1: "Let's hear it then!"

P2: "Alright, so... you know how ICS/Jelly Bean look awesome and stylish and understated and all that stuff? Well, we can differentiate out devices by making ICS/JB look like shit!"

P1: "Someone give this man a promotion!"

Seriously, how could this have reached the general public without someone in Motorola saying "guys, this wallpaper and those icons are hideous and they have to be changed before an epileptic person sues us!"? How could it? It is COMPLETELY BEYOND ME. We are talking about a multi-million dollar multinational company right here. Someone in there should have had the good sense to make the point that the changes to the UI are nauseuting.

Listen Motorola, if I wanted my phone to look like someone barfed on it, I WOULD FREAKING BARF ON IT!

"Hey guy, chillax, those are just phones we are talking about"

Yeah, I know, anonymous asshole - but all they had to do was leave ICS/JB alone. Or add some wallpapers that look... nice. Some widgets that look like a sane person designed them. Is it any wonder that Motorola can't create any real excitement around its products?