I'm really hesitant on the Lumia 920

There just to be some...off putting things about it for me. For one, it seems to be even thicker than the 900 (it is thinner by a mm, the curve just makes it look thicker). I love my 900, but I still feel it could shave off a couple millimeters. But also, for me, the design looks really strange looking at it directly from the bottom(when it's laying face up) the 900 at least is symmetrical and lays flat, but the 920 has a curved back, but not a uniformly curved front, making it look awkward and thick to me, and I don't know how well it stays on a flat table. I wish they'd changed the stainless steel band as it was always the most scratch prone part of the phone (I've been told it's ceramic now).

I really don't like the large bezel at the bottom under the capacative buttons as it makes the screen seem smaller to me and the phone unnecessarily bigger. I personally really like low buttons on the 900. I also saw that it was LCD? I thought clearblack was an OLED technology?

I saw the faked ads, and I also saw the apology video, but I still want to wait and see for that. I guess what I was hoping for was a thinner, larger screened version of the 900 with less bezel on the sides, but I'm not really liking the 920's design so much. Maybe it'll grow on me when I hold it but it just seems to look chunky and awkward.

Am I alone in this or does anyone else not feel as warmly towards the 920?