Samsung's Galaxy S III hit the 10 million mark at the end of July, and in the time since then the company has doubled that figure — Samsung says it's reached 20 million Galaxy S III sales, 100 days after the handset launched in May. Samsung has also broken down sales by region: the Galaxy S III sold 6 million units in Europe, 4.5 million in Asia, 4 million in North America, and 2.5 million in its home territory of Korea.

While the sales mark was certainly boosted by a substantial number of pre-orders, it's now clear that the Galaxy S III has sustained its momentum after launch. Samsung boasts that the Galaxy S III has sold three times as fast as the Galaxy S II, and six times as fast as the original Galaxy S, and the newest Galaxy is poised to surpass the high marks set by its predecessors: as of June, Samsung had sold 24 million Galaxy S handsets, and 28 million Galaxy S IIs. In the world of Android phones, Samsung's Galaxy is living up to its moniker.