Nokia's Pricing and Availability Strategy

I believe Nokia is playing this game very strategically. I believe they anticipated all the negative reviews, which in effect, caused their stocks to tumble (of course this is not the only reason for the stock tumbling), which in effect again, would get even more bad press - not to mention this video mishap today.

You see with events like these, stocks will drop (ala iphone, etc...), knowing this, the sacrifice of getting bad press is not as bad because they are killing 2 birds with one stone in 1 instance.

I believe they are waiting for the iPhone launch to release pricing and availability. This will at least put them back on the map after every news publication gets saturated with the new iPhone announcement. Every single day Nokia and Microsoft release small amounts of leaks and news that keeps the mindshare and momentum going. Momentum is powerful at this point and managing that momentum is crucial.

I predict the pricing, availability, and carrier support announcements to come around the time of the iPhone event. I'm not worried about their stocks either.

Sorry, just had to rant a little.