Weapons the interwebz tells you are rubbish .. but are your favourites!

You're playing a game, you find a new weapon; it becomes a favourite.

There's something about it that kicks your progress on that little bit further. Perhaps it adheres to your play style, or else there's an x-factor that inspires you to flat out adore it. It could be a looks thing - within the design itself, or even the swish-o-sparkle as you shoot, chop or go stabby-stab. You just plain love it.

Yet those 'in the know' say it's clownshoes - that there are far better bits to grab and use, that you should be using something else for that bit you're on, for your build or whatever the particular instance might be.


Above is a piccie of me playing my beloved Dark Souls and in my hand is the Demon's Spear. I do prefer spears in the game, keeping an enemy at a distance and being able to 'turtle' safe behind a shield at yet stealthily twat the oncoming beastie at my leisure. It's a cake and eat it situation and I like eating cake once I have it.

There are other variations of spear in the game, even a lightning spear, but none are as ace as the Demon'S Spear, in my mind at least. It has extra reach over the regular spear, but also that little thumb claw gives it extra push as well, not just applying the frazzle-dazzle, but giving a proper good shove as well. Take the aforementioned Anor Londo and its maze of tiny ledges and, beatchez be falling like waaaaaaaaaaah.

But everyone seems to tell me said weapon is toilet. Pff. Pff, I say!

So, i've shown you mine, you show me yours #~ahem~#. Fave weapons you love, why everyone else seems to hate them, why you disagree with the masses - and perhaps a certain area where you have not only conquered but ruled!