Amazon's new Kindle Fire HD, Paperwhite e-reader, and 2012 Kindle lineup: the full story

Amazon's September 6th launch event is underway and we're tracking all the new announcements from the Kindle maker. First up is the brand new Kindle paperwhite ebook reader, which comes with much improved pixel density, better contrast, and a $119 price. The cost rises to $179 if you want the 3G version, with both available to order today and shipping on October 1st. The entry level price for owning a Kindle has been lowered to $69, with deliveries beginning on September 14th.

The updated 7-inch Kindle Fire features a faster processor and twice the RAM for just $159; orders begin today and it will ship September 14th. Amazon's also going big with the Kindle Fire HD family that will come in three variants: a 7-inch tablet that will retail starting at $199, an 8.9-inch version for $299, and an LTE-equipped version that will start at $499.

Major Updates

  • Update
    32 almost 2 years ago 190

    Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9 review

    In September, inside an airplane hangar in Los Angeles, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos made a series of bold statements about the company's two brand-new Kindle Fire HD tablets. The Kindle Fire HD 7, he said, was the best tablet at a certain price. But with the larger Kindle Fire HD 8.9, "we made the best tablet at any price," Bezos said, in a not-so-subtle jab at the iPad.

    When we reviewed the smaller of the two Kindle Fire HD siblings, we found it to be a mixed bag. As a platform, a service, an...

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    The window into Amazon's world opens a little wider
  • Update
    31 almost 2 years ago 332

    Amazon Kindle Fire HD review (7-inch)

    To put a review of the Kindle Fire HD in perspective, you have to peer just a tiny bit into the past. It was barely a week ago that the world watched Amazon begin a magical transformation from that of a humble multinational that retails every product ever made in the world, to that of a consumer electronics powerhouse that wants to bring the fight to Apple on the tablet front. During its event last Wednesday, CEO Jeff Bezos was focused on not just the new products, but about what they mean to...

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    The Kindle Fire grows up
  • Update
    30 almost 2 years ago 31

    Jennifer Aniston, your sweater is here: Amazon's Kindle Fire HD and the future of shopping

    Last week, Amazon unveiled the Kindle Fire HD, a shopping portal cleverly disguised as an Android tablet, and one partially subsidized by advertising. You'll find ads on the lockscreen you have to bypass in order to start using the machine, and "recommendations" to accompany the multimedia you watch, hear, and read. In fact, there are ads almost everywhere — and Amazon might be well on its way to building the ultimate ad. An ad that was only a dream in the late 90s. A dream about Jennifer...

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    The one with the interactive product placement
  • Update
    29 almost 2 years ago 212

    Amazon: Kindle Fire HD users can opt-out of ads after all

    Just a day after confirming that consumers would be unable to opt-out of the Kindle Fire HD's integrated lockscreen ads, Amazon has reversed its decision. Confirmed in a statement issued to The Verge, users will now have the ability to disable "Special Offers" by paying a $15 fee. In an effort to keep retail costs down, Amazon has implemented advertising space into the software of each model in its Kindle range. According to the statement, Amazon believes few users will opt to pay the extra...

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    Kill the ads for a fee
  • Update
    28 almost 2 years ago 190

    Amazon confirms there's no way to opt out of Kindle Fire ads

    Since Amazon announced its new line of Kindle Fire tablets, there's been confusion over whether the company would allow users to avoid seeing "Special Offer" promotions on their lock screens. According to CNET, an Amazon spokesperson has now confirmed that there is no system for disabling ads on new models of the Kindle Fire. That means that unlike the cheaper Kindle e-reader, users can't spend more up front for an ad-free version or pay to disable the ads after purchase. The statement also...

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    Want an ad-free Kindle? Go with Paperwhite
  • Update
    27 almost 2 years ago 247

    Amazon's Kindle Fire HD has Bing set as default search engine

    Amazon's new Kindle Fire HD comes with a pretty massive software update — and one of the new features that Ubergizmo noticed in its hands-on is that Microsoft Bing is set as the default search engine in the Fire HD's Silk browser. This comes despite the fact that Google's Android 4.0 software provides the underpinnings for the Fire HD, though of course it's heavily skinned. This represents a change from last year, when Google served as the default search engine. Unfortunately, it's not clear...

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    A win for Bing
  • Update
    26 almost 2 years ago 21

    Silk browser on Kindle Fire HD adds faster page loads, Trending Now list

    Amid all the excitement about its new Kindle Fire HD devices yesterday, one thing Amazon failed to mention is the new version of its Silk browser installed on the tablets. There are a number of meaningful improvements in the update, like better support for HTML5 web standards and an improved UI, but the biggest difference is speed — "at least a 30 percent reduction in page load latency," according to the company.

    Silk is a so-called "split" browser, using Amazon’s servers to compress and...

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    All your browsing still goes through Amazon
  • Update
    25 almost 2 years ago 46

    Even without audiobooks, the Kindle Paperwhite can still beat the competition

    Hidden by all of the improvements that Jeff Bezos extolled on stage yesterday about the new Kindle Paperwhite, Amazon has silently taken some features to the chopping block. The Kindle Paperwhite replaces the Kindle Touch before it, but it has lost the 3.5mm headphone jack and speakers of its predecessor. Clearly, without that hardware, the new Kindle e-reader is devoid of audio features — Amazon's once-highlighted "Read to Me" text-to-speech feature is gone, as is access to Audible's massive...

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    Audio is dead on the Kindle
  • Update
    24 almost 2 years ago 413

    Amazon to Apple: the game starts now

    The key moment in Jeff Bezos's keynote announcing Amazon's new Paperwhite Kindle and Kindle Fire models came before he introduced any of the new hardware. "People don't want gadgets any more," Bezos declared, explaining why the Kindle Fire had succeeded where other gadgety Android tablets had failed. "They want services that improve over time. They want services that improve every day, every week, and every month." This statement of purpose signals a new phase in Amazon's evolution as a...

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    Amazon wants to prove that like Apple, it has a winning strategy
  • Update
    22 almost 2 years ago 210

    This is my next: Kindle Paperwhite

    This is my next is a special feature where writers of The Verge sound off on their latest deep, dark desires from the world of technology.

    I’m writing this before the product has officially been announced, and in the 8th month of a self-imposed, year-long "I’m not buying any gadgets or electronics" fast, but I’m confident enough to say it right now: the next thing I buy will be a Kindle Paperwhite. I knew it when we first started seeing the leaked photos the other day, when I wasn’t even sure...

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    No turning back
  • Update
    21 almost 2 years ago 50

    Amazon: 'We are pretty much done' with the Kindle DX

    Amazon rolled out a new line of Kindle Fire tablets and Kindle e-readers today, and unsurprisingly, the older members of the Kindle family have been pushed to the wayside. Amazon's aging 9.7-inch e-reader, the Kindle DX, is one of the models being phased out, and the Kindle Touch and Kindle Touch 3G have apparently been replaced wholesale by the new Paperwhite models.

    With regards to the Kindle DX, Amazon vice president Jay Marine said "we are pretty much done with it," though he wanted to...

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    Say good bye to the Kindle DX...eventually
  • Update
    20 almost 2 years ago 70

    Kindle Fire and Fire HD 7 coming to Europe, prices start at €159 / £129

    The Kindle Fire and Fire HD 7 are both coming to the UK on October 25th. Both tablets are currently up for preorder on the site, with the Kindle Fire priced at £129 and the Fire HD 7 coming in at £159 for 16GB and £199 for 32GB. Unlike their US counterparts, UK versions of the Fire will not include any of the Amazon Prime benefits such as Amazon's Instant Video service. Instead, customers will receive a one-month free trial of LoveFilm. Other than the differences between Amazon services, the...

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    The Fire comes to Europe
  • Update
    19 almost 2 years ago 14

    Amazon's $69 Kindle vs. $79 Kindle (hands-on pictures)

    The differences here are only skin deep. Amazon's $69 Kindle runs exactly as the previous model but has a newer black aesthetic that more closely aligns itself to the Kindle Paperwhite. The selling point, of course, isn't so much additional features as it is the barrier of entry and convenience of slipping into a bag / pursed / oversized pocket. For those inclined to see the iterative design tweaks, we're here for you. Gallery is below. You're welcome.

    The difference is only skin deep
  • Update
    18 almost 2 years ago 147

    All new Kindle Fire models are ad-supported

    Amazon's new lineup of tablets don't just differ from the original Kindle Fire in their hardware. Like last year's cheapest Kindle e-reader, all three new models — that's the Fire, the HD 7, and the HD 8.9 — will display Amazon's "Special Offers" promotions and advertisements on their lock screens. Unlike the low-end Kindle, however, Amazon isn't offering the devices in more expensive, ad-free models, nor is it making mention of any way to opt out for a fee.

    Considering the aggressive pricing...

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    No option to opt out
  • Update
    17 almost 2 years ago 83

    Kindle Fire HD 8.9: how the new Kindle tablet compares with the competition

    Amazon stepped up its presence in the tablet market today with the introduction of Kindle Fire HD, an 8.9-inch tablet squarely aimed at high-end competition from Apple, Samsung, and other manufacturers. CEO Jeff Bezos touted a number of the device's features on stage, such as its 1920x1200 display. That translates to a pixel density of 254ppi, which nearly matches Apple's class-leading Retina display on the new iPad. That resolution is also good enough to surpass many other other recent...

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    A worthy competitor
  • Update
    16 almost 2 years ago 142

    Amazon Kindle Paperwhite hands-on pictures and video

    We're here at Amazon's event in Los Angeles, where the company just announced the newest version of its wildly popular Kindle ebook reader. There are a number of new features in the new Kindle, but two stand out: a new "paperwhite" display technology with a new backlight on the device itself.

    Much of the new Kindle's build is like that of old versions — it's small, light, thin, and sturdy, though without a single button anywhere it's even sleeker than old models. The real hook, obviously, is...

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    E Ink, only better
  • Update
    15 almost 2 years ago 13

    Amazon Kindle Fire OS updated with FreeTime custom profiles, X-Ray for movies, and more

    Amazon announced a number of updates to its Kindle line-up today, but some of the most compelling additions were elements of the Kindle Fire operating system itself. Amazon detailed a number of new additions aimed at enhancing the experience for device owners including Kindle FreeTime, X-Ray support for movies and textbooks, and an updated email client.

    Kindle X-Ray is a discovery service for various pieces of content in Amazon's ecosystem that was first announced last year for books, but...

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    Amazon adds the real value through services and software
  • Update
    14 almost 2 years ago 51

    Verizon Wireless to preload Amazon apps on select Android devices

    It's certainly not the most exciting news at Amazon's event today, but Verizon Wireless users will want to take note: you're about to get more bloatware preloaded onto your Android devices. With a new partnership, all of Amazon's apps — the Appstore, Kindle, Audible, Zappos, IMDb, Amazon MP3, and the primary Amazon app — will be included on "select" Verizon Wireless Android phones. So far the only devices we could get confirmed are the new Motorola Droid RAZR M (pictured above), LG Intuition,...

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    Every Amazon app imaginable, included
  • Update
    13 almost 2 years ago 117

    Amazon's $199 Kindle Fire HD 7 hands-on pictures and video

    Turns out Amazon does care a thing or two about hardware design. The 7-inch Kindle Fire HD is a thin-and-light thing of beauty with a very nice back for gripping. The UI is markedly improved — although the carousel is still there, we're seeing none of that stuttering from before. (Helps to have a new, faster OMAP 4470 processor.) Aesthetically, though, there aren't any drastic changes with the OS — it's just smoother.

    There is a bunch of new software on the device, though. X-Ray and...

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    Insert pun here
  • Update
    12 almost 2 years ago 104

    Amazon announces 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD 4G LTE plan: $49.99 annually for 250MB per month

    To go along with the just-announced Kindle Fire HD with 4G LTE connectivity, Amazon announced a new data plan — for $49.99 a year, users will get 250MB per month of data, plus 20GB of cloud storage and a $10 Amazon app store credit. That's not a huge amount of data, but the plan is significantly cheaper than similar options from wireless carriers (and what you can get for Apple's iPad). Right now, 250MB / month plans for the iPad cost $15 per month, and Bezos touted that advantage on stage....

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    Not a lot of data, but a solid deal nonetheless
  • Update
    11 almost 2 years ago 171

    Amazon announces Kindle Fire HD 7 starting at $199, available September 14th

    Amazon has just outed another Kindle — the Kindle Fire HD 7. The new tablet is essentially a smaller version of the just-announced Kindle Fire HD 8.9, but with a 1280 x 800 7-inch IPS screen instead of a 1920 x 1200 8.9-inch display. Other than the different display size, the Android-based tablet features the same dual-anntena 5GHz Wi-Fi, stereo speakers, OMAP 4470 processor from Texas Instruments, HDMI, and Bluetooth connectivity as the 8.9-inch Fire HD. The device will also have a HD webcam...

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    Same features, smaller screen and lower price
  • Update
    10 almost 2 years ago 17

    Amazon adds Whispersync for Voice and Immersion Reading to audiobooks for Kindle Fire

    At this morning's Amazon Kindle event, CEO Jeff Bezos announced that the company is adding audiobooks with Whispersync for Voice to its Kindle Fire tablets, letting you keep a single bookmark across text and audio versions of the same book. In the same vein, Amazon is enabling a new feature called Immersion Reading, which it describes as a fusion of Kindle and audio versions of the same book — letting you follow along in print while you listen to a professional narrator read for you....

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    Pick up right where your narrator left off
  • Update
    9 almost 2 years ago 29

    Amazon announces Whispersync for Games

    Amazon's going over a variety of new software enhancements for the Kindle Fire HD, and one of those new features is Whispersync for Games. The company says it'll keep you from ever having to start over, and it stores any levels you've unlocked. It sounds like that this is for syncing gameplay across multiple Kindle Fire devices — though we're not sure how many people out there are playing the same game across multiple devices.

    There's also a new Game Center-esque leaderboard, showing your...

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    We'll see how useful this is in practice
  • Update
    8 almost 2 years ago 539

    Amazon debuts $299 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD, AT&T 4G LTE for $499

    After making an informal debut in a televised ad late last night, Amazon's larger Kindle Fire has finally been unveiled. Introduced today at a press event in Los Angeles, the new Kindle Fire HD features an 8.9-inch 1920 x 1200, 254ppi display. It includes an HD front-facing camera, HDMI output, Bluetooth connectivity, and a laminated touch sensor for better visuals and 25-percent less glare. Under the hood, Amazon has dropped in a Texas Instruments OMAP 4470 processor, which it says...

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    The Fire grows
  • Update
    7 almost 2 years ago 211

    Amazon's new 7-inch Kindle Fire: twice the RAM, faster processor, longer battery life, $159

    Along with an all-new Kindle e-reader with illuminated Paperwhite display and a lower-price standard Kindle, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos just announced an updated Kindle Fire tablet during a press conference today. The new Fire features a 7-inch display, a 40-percent faster processor, twice as much RAM, and longer battery life than the original model.

    In addition to the new hardware upgrades, the updated Kindle Fire is also getting access to Amazon's new software features, such as X-Ray for Movies,...

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    More performance and battery life for less money
  • Update
    6 almost 2 years ago 12

    Amazon announces Kindle Serials installment-based publishing program

    As an update to Kindle Direct Publishing, Amazon has announced Kindle Serials, an installment-based e-reader publishing program. The system will let buyers pay once for a piece of ongoing fiction, then receive further chapters for free; the launch price for all installments of each title is $1.99. To start things off, Amazon will be republishing works by Charles Dickens, one of the best-known serial authors. Dickens is already in the public domain and books like Oliver Twist are offered for...

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    Reissued Charles Dickens and a yoga murder mystery
  • Update
    5 almost 2 years ago 27

    Amazon drops price of Kindle to $69, shipping September 14th

    Alongside Amazon's announcement of its new Paperwhite devices, the company is dropping the price of its least expensive ad-supported ebook reader to $69. While it doesn't have the front-lit display of its newer sibling, a 12 percent drop from last year's $79 price could make the cheapest Kindle even more attractive, and the ad-free version is getting a $20 discount as well, from $109 to $89. Aside from the price changes, the device is very similar to last year's model, offering the same...

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    Amazon's least expensive Kindle gets even cheaper
  • Update
    4 almost 2 years ago 98

    Kindle Paperwhite e-reader announced, $119 Wi-Fi and $179 3G models ship October 1st

    Amid a storm of tablet-related hype and speculation, Amazon just announced the latest iteration of its "traditional" e-reader: Kindle Paperwhite. The name refers to its expected new screen technology for a sharper (212 ppi) and higher-contrast display, and also features a frontlight that brings parity with Barnes & Noble's Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight. The device is entirely controlled by touch — hardware page-turning switches are out, and so is the home button.

    The interface has taken a...

    Continue reading »

    E Ink's not dead
  • Update
    3 almost 2 years ago 75

    Amazon shows new Kindle Fire and backlit 'Paperwhite' Kindle readers in TV ad

    We're expecting quite a few things out of tomorrow's Amazon event, and the company just helped heighten expectations a little bit more with a new commercial. The brief spot aired during tonight's Giants and Cowboys game, and it clearly features a backlit E Ink Kindle reader — matching the "Paperwhite" leaks we've seen — and ends on a shot of a woman watching video on what appears to be a large-screen tablet. That would match up with the Kindle Fire leaks we've seen, which seem to indicate two...

    Continue reading »

    Tomorrow's going to be a big day
  • Update
    2 about 2 years ago 184

    Exclusive: meet the Amazon Kindle with 'Paperwhite' backlit display

    Along with one or more new Kindle Fires, we're expecting refreshed E Ink models in Amazon's e-reader line at the company's Los Angeles event next week as well. One of those appears to be a refreshed Kindle Touch — the button below the display is gone, and the bezel has changed from light to very dark gray. The overall shape of the product and the location of the USB port and power switch appear to be essentially unchanged. From the images we have, it looks like Amazon will be touting the unit...

    Continue reading »

    GlowLight, meet your match
  • Update
    1 about 2 years ago 318

    This is the new Amazon Kindle Fire

    The Verge has obtained images of what appears to be the next version of the Kindle Fire, Amazon's Android-based tablet that's expected to be announced next week, following news that the current model is "sold out." We're being told that a "pair" of Fires is likely — a 7- and a 10-incher — though it remains unclear whether both models will be introduced at the same time. We're not sure which model we're looking at here, but the scale of the keyboard suggests that seven inches is more likely.


    Continue reading »

    Better-looking than the current model?
  • Original Story
    about 2 years ago 56

    Amazon holding press event on September 6th: new Kindles on the way?

    Amazon has just sent out press invites to a media event being held in California on September 6th. While there is precious little detail to go on, the new Kindle Fire has been heavily rumored to be launching in Q3 of this year. According to an AllThingsD source from July, the new Kindle Fire will have WXGA (1280 x 800) display, just like the Nexus 7, and will be thinner and lighter than the current model as well. Other than that, well, we'll just have to wait until the 6th.

    Where there's smoke, there's Kindle Fire?
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