Some time after Android 4.1 Jelly bean came to the unlocked HSPA+ model of Samsung's Galaxy Nexus, Sprint has confirmed that it is rolling out the update to its own version of the phone. The latest update will add Google Now, some performance improvements, and other Jelly Bean features; it will also discontinue support for Adobe Flash Player. As of today, the update should start showing up as an over the air download. The Galaxy Nexus has been updated to Android 4.1 outside the US, but this marks the first time an American carrier has added Jelly Bean to one of its current phones.

According to Sprint's forums, Nexus S 4G owners are also in for a change. A Sprint employee has told users that Jelly Bean updates for the Nexus S will be a "slow roll out," but that the new software should be coming to everyone within about a week. A bug involving garbled text messages will also apparently be fixed. This hasn't yet been reflected on the official update page, so it's a bit less official, but it's still good news for people with the phone.

Thanks, lividcreature!