(Archived) Crisis on Infinite Polygons (Comics/Animation) Issue #4: Polygons, They're Mathematical!


This week's header is, surprise, surprise, from header master, Sneaky Spy Guy!

Hey Crisis Faithful! We're back, sorry for the delay, are you ready for our weekly thread for discussion all things with sequential and/or animated art? You know, comics, manga, cartoons, anime, etc.? Well, I hope so, because we're rolling out another issue. But, for those of you that need caught up to speed, last time on Crisis on Infinite Polygons:

Lola Bunny smashed a can on her head while various Polynauts rocked out to their favorite anime OST's, all the meanwhile, PaddyStardust talked up the upcoming film DREDD 3D by promoting some comic tie-ins to the film, but trouble was afoot as many cartoon fans lamented that their favorite shows were only available on DVD in soccer mom editions. However, through out it all, anime continued to be watched, and no one gave a damn about Before Watchmen.

So, now on to this weeks featured stuffs:

Featured Animation: Adventure Time

So, this was the show in last week's header, the headers and featured stuff aren't always the same as the two are chosen differently, but I want to talk about this week and last week's headers anyway. The other day I was asked by someone what exactly the appeal in Adventure Time was. The show is bizarre, fun, thrilling, dramatic, hilarious, and beautiful, sometimes not all at the same time, but other times they are. It's hard for me to describe the show, I'm pretty crappy at describing art and Adventure Time is one of the most "artlike" (If that means anything at all) cartoons I've ever seen.


Look anime fans! Shippings!

I could recommend you my favorite episodes, but those all hinge on you having met these characters prior, so instead I'll come up with a shortlist of episodes I think would be great for a first time viewer:

Prisoners of Love
Tree Trunks
What is Life?
Ocean of Fear

Those are all from Season 1, that's really all you need to get hooked. Where can you check out the show? You can watch it on Cartoon Network in the US, as well as buy episodes on iTunes and Amazon, plus there are DVD's! In addition to two "soccer mom" editions, there's a full on Season 1 set chock full of bonus features that just came out.

Featured Comic: Batman: The Long Halloween

A personal favorite of mine and one of the few Batman comics I've read. Not only is it one of the best works of Jeph Loeb (Heroes: Season 3, Ultimate Spider-Man: The Animated Series, Ultimates 3), but it's one of the best Batman comics ever. You ever see The Dark Knight? Yeah, a lot of that is from this, except this one has a serial killer and Batman is a detective.


The Dark Knight featured a lot less crapping of the pants as well...

Bascially, the story covers the rise of the "freak era" of Gotham City as well as the infamous tale of Harvey Dent (Sounds familiar Nolan fans, doesn't it?). However, it's a bit more than that, there's a serial killer picking off members of the mob one holiday every month, so over the course of a year, Batman has to track this guy down. So, it's a mystery, thriller, drama, and a good old fashioned superhero story all in one.

So where can you get it? You can grab individual issues digitally from Comixology, or buy the collected edition in physical form wherever most books are sold or digital form from the Kindle Store. Sorry for no links this time, but it's not that hard to navigate to these places, and I'm late enough as it is.



That is all, seriously though, sorry I can't make my own headers, and I really wish I could run a contest or something, but I don't have anything to give away...