Kevin Shields was a mess on Wednesday.

I'm not sure how this hasn't been brought up yet but Kevin Shields totally blew his part of the presentation on the 5th, this guy is just a terrible speaker, period. He seems to think he's funny but he's not, he can barely get three words out without stuttering, and he has absolutely no stage presence. Now I don't mean to be bashing the guy or anything as I'm sure hes a good guy and all, but Nokia needs to find some better people to talk at their presentations, even that lady that spoke before him was hardly tolerable. It really ruins the charisma of the event when the majority of the speakers suck, Elop and Belfiore are decent however. Anyways just venting a little as I think having someone thats a good speaker and has great stage presence is a huge asset (Steve Jobs for example), and I really hope that Nokia can find someone that will bring some more excitement to their announcements. <end rant>