Samsung Galaxy Note II n7100 official hands on an a bit more.

Hi, i just want to talk a bit about the Galaxy Note II, my next phone, i was at the IFA this week here in Berlin, didn't have as much time as I'd wished, but in the end i managed to go to the T-mobile and Samsung halls, i managed to play (1/2 hour with each) with the two variants of the note2, the international (N7100) and the LTE (N7105 or N7150 i´m not sure anymore), and i have to say that i´m sure first, that this is going to be my next phone, in color Titanium grey, second, i just need to decide wich of the two, but most probably the N7100, here in germany LTE is not yet as developed and widespread as in other countries, for my use UMTS is just enough, i´ve owned till now the galaxy s, s2 and the original note, i buy always the samsung phone, because of the hardware advantages (leading cpu, gpu on their phones, nice displays, and form factors) and also, because they are popular devices, the comunity behind them tends to be bigger than with other devices, i also like the things that touchwiz brings to android, although i have to say, one of the first things i change on my phones is the launcher, my launchers are in order of use, go launcher ex, and zeam launcher, mostly because of the speed and also the posibilities they give me to set up my homescreens as i want.

i also liked the N7100 a bit more, because of the memory use, it appears to me that the LTE variant uses way more Ram than the only 3G one, i ran Quadrant on both of them (got better scores on the N7100 than on the N7105) and always closed all apps and cleaned the ram to be sure that only quadrant was running at the moment of the tests, and on the n7100 you´ll be using something between 800-950 mb of 1750mb while on the other one it´s something between 1400-1500 mb after the cleaning and closing process. it could also be that the LTE one was a T-mobile branded phone, and maybe T-mobile changed some stuff in the firmware, and also inluded some bloatware, but it appears to me that it has a lot to do with the LTE antennas (correct me please if i´m wrong).

Having owned the first note, i have to say that i pretty much like everything about the new model, most importantly is to me, the extra 1gb of ram, i rooted my original note and installed a custom rom, based of samsung firmware, i flashed also some optimized kernels and got it working smoothly, really fast, but i had to do it, because out of the box it lagged, i understand this has to do with the huge screen, the high resolution and the S pen, reading and trying stuff got it working great, as desired, but not everyone does the same to their devices, so 2gb of ram, a great idea for such a great phablet,

other aspect that i like, is that it is now a bit taller and not so wide, it fits better in my big hands and also in smaller hands, thus making it more atractive to smaller people or just people with smaller hands. the camera is just great, faster, there is some better software included to manage and edit pictures taken with it, like paper artist for example.

here is a hands on video from samsung, showing you some of the new posibilities with it, does any of you will want to buy it? i see it as the real flagship of samsung, and also the right path for them to differenciate from the rest, they are doing the S pen better and better and getting developers to work with it is going to make their products just more atractive.

[GALAXY Note II] First Hands-on Video (via SAMSUNGmobile)

Sorry for the grammar and or spell mistakes, english is not my first language and i wrote this without caring to much.