IF LG and Sony's announcements of $19,999.99 and $24,999 4K TVs have you wondering about a more cost-effective way to join the ultra high definition revolution, projectors might be the answer. JVC's 2013 range won't display a pure 4K signal, mind you, instead using a scaling technique based on interpolating information between two 1080p frames taken from the source. While this might not be ideal, it's not like there's currently a wealth of native 4K content to display in the first place.

The upscaling range starts from $4,999 with the DLA-X55R, and the top-of-the-line DLA-X95R will be $11,999. If nothing but 4K pixel perfection will do, however, JVC has also shown off its own prototype 84-inch UHDTV and aims to bring it to market this January for under $20,000.