Are people really freaking out for the iPhone 5?

I was playing around with Google Insights and I was comparing the search volumes for "iPhone 5" for 2011 and 2012 and found that they are about the same really, I did not do further analysis but judging by the chart, it even seems that 2011 had slighty higher volume search for the iPhone 5.



The circles show the week prior to the announcement conference

While I think the iPhone 5 will no doubt sell, its is worrying that we don't have higher search volumes for 2 things.

  • Growth over time is what anyone would have expected specially if we are talking about at 1 year period of time in which the iPhone has growth in market share significantly.
  • There has been a lot of news, rumors, leak, around the iPhone 5, it seems they have not generated enought interest to increase search volumes vs last year.

I think that the iPhone 5 will sell millions, there is no doubt about that, but judging by this figures, I don't believe it will be the instant hit that Apple and Investors are expecting it to be, not only that but the massive bubble that have been created about this phone may just burst badly, and unlike last year, there are a lot of distractors that will be hitting the market as well from Google and Microsoft OS's

Just my 2% of a dollar.