Guilty Pleasures - Facebook/Mobile Games

I know probably most of us here aren't big into the likes of Facebook or mobile games. They aren't 'hardcore', after all, and FB games in particular usually consist of little more then spam and silly incentives to pay Real Money in tiny increments. Also, they're all FarmVill and ZooVill and Oh-My-God-If-You-Invite-Me-One-More-Time-I'm-Disowning-You-Vill.

Sadly (shamefully) there are a few I do enjoy. My Zoo is a fun little time-waster where you create your own zoo and buy everything it needs. It's great in the sense that it does allow you, but not force you, to share in-game accomplishments on your Wall. Also, that I know of it only offers ONE incentive for Real Money, but it's not in any way mandatory. Not even close.


Lately I've been playing a lot of the Marvel: Avengers Alliance game (shoot me). This one I do take a few issues with, in that it's constantly asking for Real Money and for you to spam its very existence to all your friends. That said, it's my main guilty pleasure right now, because it's still ridiculously fun. Basically, you create your own SHIELD agent, and you shape your own Avengers team. You get Black Widow, Hawkeye and Iron Man pretty early, but eventually you're able to choose from a list of characters which ones you want (I picked Cyclops, because he was one of 2 that I knew out of the five available. Soon I'll be able to recruit Sif as well).

You also get the chance to fight alongside characters like Spiderman, Cpt. America and Thor against specific bosses (such as Loki). Pretty much anything at all that isn't absolutely needed to finish the game can cost you Real Money, but the good part is that you receive Gold from performing certain in-game accomplishes anyway. You won't get as much as you would if you spent Real Money, no, but it's still something.

As for mobile games, I'm a fan of Where's My Water (brilliant),Draw Something Free, and OneTouch Draw, although I don't play any of those hugely often. They're decent time-wasters though, and everything important is free.

What FB/mobile guilty pleasures do you enjoy?