Where Are The Galaxy Nexuses Yakju And Where Are They Yakjuxw?

I've been looking to buy a Galaxy Nexus since about when Jelly Bean was announced but can't find one that gets updates reliably. The Play store doesn't sell phones outside of the US so that's not an option and every retailer I've checked, and I've asked around at 10 or more so far, only has Yakjuxw devices which are no good to me since I want both updates straight from Google and a valid warranty. And that's before we even get to the principle that one shouldn't have to hack a current Nexus device just to get OS updates.

For those who aren't familiar I should probably explain that unlocked and unsubsidised GSM Galaxy Nexus phones sold by independent electronics retailers around the world come with many different firmware variants, of which only one outside the US, Yakju, is updated directly by Google as soon as an update is available while the rest go through Samsung at Samsung's leisure. In Europe there are Yakju phones but also Yakjuxw phones and the latter still aren't on Jelly Bean and only received the update to 4.0.4 the day before 4.1 was announced.

There is no difference in hardware between the Yakju phones and the Yakjuxw phones, nor does there seem to be any difference in software once the latter are finally brought up to date so the reason for the constant delays are as of yet unexplained. Perhaps worst of all there is no certain way to know which you're getting until you open the box and boot up the phone!

I actually bought a Galaxy Nexus from Expansys after they had assured me, twice, that it was the right kind but it turned out not to be so I returned it. Two weeks ago I asked Amazon.co.uk but they say that they can't answer me until a week from now. I sent an email to hoh.de but haven't received any sort of reply from them yet.

This whole thing would at least be slightly easier if there were an official list made public of which regions are stuck with which variant but Samsung acts as if 4 month delays for updates is normal for Nexus devices and says it's all down to Google while Google says absolutely nothing since there is no way to actually contact Google about anything without ending up talking to either a script or just other equally clueless users on a forum.

It's clear that the Nordic countries are all Yakjuxw but we are sadly not alone.

Do any of you know of a retailer in the EU, preferably one that speaks English (or dare I hope, Swedish), that is known to sell only the proper Yakju phones?

And, please, if you have a European Galaxy Nexus, which firmware version did it come with and where (and when) did you get it? If nothing else we might be able to figure out in which countries one is more or less likely to get which version.

EDIT: So going by the link provided by kaycbron in their thread it appears that the Netherlands is predominantly but not necessarily exclusively Yakju. Good to know.

EDIT: I've placed an order with Amazon.co.uk. We'll see if their support is better skilled or at least luckier in their promise of a proper Google updated phone than Expansys. They did say "[...] we can confirm that this phone's update is controlled by Google", and that answer took almost a month of investigating on their part and was followed by a link to the phone. So I'm at least slightly hopeful that I won't have to send this one back.

EDIT: I received a phone from Amazon. It was not the one they sold me. It ran Yakjuxw. It's now on its way back to Amazon for a refund. Lying, stupid, horrible Amazon.