WP8 Release Date - The facts

There's a lot of negativity across tech sites regeadring WP8 and the somewhat "late" release date. Many people arguing that Nokia and Micrsosoft need to ship devices NOW! And that WP will fail by being released in November.

Agreed, there are 2 ways this can go. Perhaps as stated, Windows Phone will lose out to a lot customers who opt to buy an iPhone 5 when it is possibly released in the next few weeks, shortly after Apples event. But on the other hand, wp can also benefit by a release after the iphone5.

Lets look at the facts.

Windows 8 Release Date – 26th October
WP8 press reveal (Rumoured) – 29th October
Build conference – 30th October.
Nokia Lumia 920 Release - 2nd November (If all goes to plan)

Thats huge week of Windows news, dominating headlines on tech sites and all over the news, as well as Microsoft heavily advertising W8 and WP8 just after.

Lets be honest, people who are consideirng an iPhone will most likely be existing ios users planning on buying an iPhone either way. By releasing Wp this month it would just be overshadowed and forgotten about to to the iphone5. At least in November Windows can generate its own hype once the iphone hype has slowed down slightly. Plus, a lot of teens dont have the luxury of buying a phone at the drop of a hat like us working adults, meaning if Microsoft can generate enough exictement, then this will be perfectly timed for Christmas sales.

What do you guys think?

On a side note, interesting news for those interested in the Lumia 920.