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Reviewed by cedarrapidsboy (Currently owns)

Awkward and frustrating.

The remote is clumsy. It is too big, the keyboard misses keypresses, and the track pad is horrible for clicking buttons on web pages...

...which you have to do because the Amazon Instant app is not an app, but the Amazon website!

Also, the device is slow to boot and is not designed to be an always-on set-top-box. It runs too hot for that. Warm to the touch. There is also no LED to indicate when the device is on -- which is hard to determine when there is no input signal.

During my time with it it had many app crashes. Flickering Netflix. And, again, a very frustrating Amazon Instant experience.

Its remote codes worked for my television and TiVo HD... but was far too delayed to control the TiVo properly. Nor does it integrate with the TiVo such that you could see your "now playing list" within the Co-Star interface.

This device doesn't do anything I was hoping for very well.

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