What is with the 'But you haven't used it' comments I see on articles talking about Windows 8?

Yesterday The Verge posted the below article in which I commented on.

Flash vulnerabilities leave Windows 8 testers at risk

My comment was simple, replying to someone who had said (en quote);

Apparently, you can install the desktop version of Chrome and if it’s set as the default browser you can use it in metro.

Which technically is true, for the desktop version. I said that you can't install it in WinRT which is true. You can't install a random exe file downloaded from the internet on it, this has been said by Microsoft before.

So, my question to you fellow Windows 8 users (yes, I'm using the RTM as my main driver) is, Why is 'but you haven't used it' a response to most valid arguments towards Windows 8? And/or Winrt?