Podcasting Woes @ The Verge

Like many of you, I am an avid fan of both the Vergecast and the Verge Mobile Show. As far as content goes, I think the shows are worthy of praise, emulation, and viewership. Even though it never starts on time, the Vergecast is a wonderful overview of tech news and culture. Despite Vlad’s and Chris’s oddities and some bizarre Dieter introductions, the Verge Mobile Show is both informative and interesting. In other words, I mean to say the Verge podcasts are very good. There is no lack of content, personality, or insight. There is--for whatever reason--a lack of reasonable availability to listen to these shows, and the Verge’s reaction to the situation is disconcerting.

The Verge has never been great about posting their shows within 12-24 hour range. This in of itself it a problem for a Tech site. Take for example the past two shows this week. The Verge Mobile Show recorded at an irregular time after the Nokia/Motorola event, and those who listened live missed much of the recording due to technical issues. The Vergecast recorded after the Amazon event, and is unavailable to download as of this post’s writing. There was a time yesterday when both podcasts had occurred but were unavailable to listen to. Frankly, this sucks for anyone who missed the live show who wants to listen to the shows, while their content is still relevant. But this problem is forgivable, even if it is annoying.

The real issue I have with the Verge, is that they have made it a point to delete raw recordings posted into the comments of the live show post. So it’s this simple, Verge: Either improve the turnaround time of the shows or leave the raw recordings alone. At the very least, let us know what your plans are as far as turnaround time and if posting raw recordings in the comments is allowed.

For a site devoted to transparency and a focus on the consumer, this feels like a odd mis-step in how to treat your most loyal fans.