I'd like to get a 9+ inch Full HD tablet. Suggestions?

I'd like to get a tablet to almost exclusively watch videos on it.

My criteria so far is:

  • Full HD (1080p) or better screen
  • A wide aspect ratio (16:10, 16:9)
  • 9 inch or bigger (looking at 10.1 form factor right now)
  • Powerful enough to play 1080p Hi10P h.264 encodes (many current hardwares don't yet support hardware decoding of Hi10P profile encodes AFAIK will need raw CPU power)
  • At or under $500

I know that Asus Transformer Infinity is one of them, are there others out there?

And if you have a Transformer Infinity, could you tell me about your experience?

Disclaimer: I actually do not want a Windows 8 device because I'm not really interested in the whole convertible business. I have a MacBook Air that I dual boot Windows 7 on and I'm happy with it. I do almost every productivity stuff (including lounging around in The Verge forums and tweeting ;) and gaming on it. Just want a portable video device.