Help me solve my photo management woes

Of all computing issues, the one that gives me the biggest headache is deciding how best to manage my photos. Photography is not really a hobby of mine, but like most people these days, I am gradually accumulating a large digital photo collection and I want to start making use of tagging and album features of photo management software (i.e. go beyond my current folder based organisation) to help me better manage my collection. However, my basic concern is that I don't want the large amount of time I will invest in tagging and creating albums to be wasted when I move my photos to a new computer. Furthermore, ideally I would also like these data available if I decide to change photo management software or operating system in 1, 5, 15, or 30 years time. Are there solutions for which these concerns are not an issue?

I am aware that general tags and geotags are embedded in the photo file, but as far as I know, this is not the case for face-tags and album membership.


P.S. In case it helps in deciding what advice to offer me, below I have also put my views on photo management software that I have already had some exposure to.

I really like iPhoto. In particular, I like that it supports albums, face-tagging, and that everything is in a self-contained bundle. The reason I like the bundle model is because it is easy to the entire photo library complete with face-tag and album information to a new computer. However, aside from photo management, at the moment Windows is a better OS for my needs, so I don't want to be tied to OS X or iPhoto just for the sake of photo management.

I also like Picasa because it also supports face-tagging and albums and like the interface. Being cross-platform is a big plus. However, as far as I can tell, it's at best a huge nuisance and at worst practically impossible, to move your face-tagging and album data from an old PC to a new PC, especially if the move is cross-platform. Am I wrong? Furthermore, I don't understand why a photo management tool from Goolgle does not support syncing across devices.

Windows photo gallery is OK, but as far as I can tell, doesn't have an albums feature, which rules it out as an option for me.

I haven't really tried Photoshop Elements organiser properly, but I get the impression that it is easier (relative to Picasa) to move album and face-tag data from an old pc to a new pc. However, I don't like the interface at all.