EXCLUSIVE: The Verge misleading promise still not met almost a year later. (Updated)

Welcome to The Verge

And for members who sign up early and post often, we'll offer special sneak previews of our newest features.

Maybe I'm misunderstanding something, but wasn't Josh saying the members who signed up on opening day and are active will get sneak previews of new features? I haven't seen anything like that and I kept hitting F5 on day one until I could sign up!

Is it because I haven't been active enough? Is it because they just gave up this idea? Is it because there hasn't been new features yet? Or is it something completely different?

Can one of the editors tell us more about this or has some of the original members gotten some of these features already?

Just curious.

EDIT: Thanks to rigel137 for the awesome headline.

Update: Nilay and Josh both responded with answers you can find below.