T-Mobile 3G on 1900Mhz PCS in NYC!

Just wanted to inform everyone that T-Mobile is getting ready for the iPhone launch, even though the phone most likely won't be directly offered by them.

They've been refarming their current 2G spectrum 1900Mhz PCS for 3G or WCDMA use, while they're moving their AWS band 4 to LTE exclusively.

Well, Im happy to report that a week before the iPhone launch, my old iPhone 4 started connecting to T-Mo's 3G network with some impressive latency and throughput. The cell sites are ready in various locations in midtown Manhattan, Astoria, Queens, parts of Brooklyn.

Time to enjoy the iPhone on a much more stable and faster HSPA network than AT&T.

Here is the recent screenshot using an iPhone 5 (A1428):


via i.imgur.com