PolygonSnacks: the Appetizer has arrived

Hey Guys Zombie here

I noticed that inbetween comics and moives and music, there is one big thing we all love. Food.

Yes So I will try to bring you A weekly cereal (see what I did there) thread about delicious food where we can all discuss the delicious things that exist in our pallets.


So let me start off with what I have had recently. For one I went to a food Festivile recently and had some of the best food I have had in quite a while. Also got to see Jamie Oliver.

Recommendatioins include, Goats milk Ice cream, not nearly as strong as you would think and very good.

Jamie's pulled Pork BBQ, not the best in the world (I come from the south so I have had some good BBQ in my life, still I guess that makes me a bit bias) I had a sour dough bread Pizza cook for me in about 1 minute in an oven that was about 940 degrees Fahrenheit.


But By far the best thing there was a little burger shack called Proper Burger. When I ate it I almost Cried, because I only have burgers a few times a year, most of which come from the UK. You can not imagen The intense Joy I had when I ate that burger and everything was just right. The Bacon, The Lettuce, The Oninon, The Bread, The Beef. Everything was perfect.

So enough of me blabering.

Lets talk about food