Time to guess pricing

Since no official pricing has been set let us Tribe guess on how much Microsoft, Nokia and other OEM's are going to price their phones this fall.

I'm only going to mention Nokia for now. I'm guessing

Nokia 820 for 349$ (no contract) to battle the Galaxy Nexus pricing this will also compete against the 4S since that's dropping down in price. Contract price I can see 49-99$ depending on the carrier.

Nokia 920 for 549$ (no contract) this is to undercut and compete against the S3, One X and iPhone5. If Nokia undercuts the iPhone5 it's a good way of potentially stealing sales. I am going to guess 149$ to 199$ on contract depending on the carrier.

Now the kicker is would you purchase a Nokia 820 and a Microsoft Surface RT for 149-199$ dollars on a 3 year contract?

I mean a 820 plus a Surface RT for 149-199$ and throw in a free Xbox in there that's an ecosystem for the price of an iPhone5.By having Microsoft's product portfolio they can easily throw in package deals to persuade potential iPhone5 buyers.

Hopefully we got some pricing soon what do you guys think?>