PC RANT: Stop using the Documents folder!

There has always been one thing bothering me about PC gaming: The continued use of putting save files in the My Documents folder. I mean, look at my friggin Documents folder.


Where are the documents? All pushed down to the bottom because the amount of save files!

But, hey, some developers tried to standardize! What about that My Games folder?


13. 13 games out of the over 150 I've played on this machine at least attempted to use a semi-standard folder. EA games made two folders. Rockstar made one for each GTA game, then decided to make a "Rockstar Games" folder for GTA4.

But you know what? Microsoft gave a solution six years ago. Waay back when Vista was a crap OS, it did add something potentially useful: A Saved Games folder. Imagine. The world most popular gaming platform added a folder to stop the cluttering six years ago. And no one uses it.


Well, Microsoft does. A bit.

Seriously, the only things you'll really find in here is your save files for Solitare or FreeCell. I stuck a flash game's save file in there because it made sense. But still, pretty much every PC game ignores this folder. There is one theory why: It doesn't exist on Windows XP. You know what? Just make the folder. It's not hard, It's just another folder. That operating system is 11 years old. Games are going to stop supporting XP soon. Should we still be held to a standard from 2001 as we move forward? To find all my saves, away from my things I actually consider documents, would be great. Then maybe it would be easier to setup a sync on the documents folder without getting gigabytes of irrelvant data to my other machines. Hell, even the AppData folder is more acceptable than Documents.

But hey, this will probably never change. And the more games I play, the more crap will be in this folder. And poor little Saved Games will continue to go neglected.