Since this Nokia Lumia 920 "controversy" has been beaten to death, let me add one more kick to it...

This is the lamest and most hyped up controversy I have ever seen.

Marketing....A company decided to "show" their cool technology on the internet with video. But The Verge caught this and show their users that this company made up said video. Kudos to the Verge for catching this.

But, as a consumer right now looking for a new gadget, I don't care.

Why? Because I'm one of those who thoroughly researches what he needs to buy before spending his money so I'm really impervious to marketing. I don't even care about ads because to me it's all like a glorified photoshopped video anyway.

To you "fanatics": You need to chill out. I will say that sometimes some people at the Verge (Nilay) sometimes act snarky and it is annoying but you need to chill out. Nokia didn't do right with their PureView video demo.

Lastly, can I just say that the Nokia Lumia 920 with PureView is great technology? I mean, when did we not appreciate cool innovation. Maybe it's me but the whole talk about Nokia event seems to be talking about the "controversy" and not the phone. It's not the Verge's fault. They are doing their journalist duty. They are supposed to comb through things like this.

So, stop making noise about this. It's done. The technology works.

PS: Hey tech companies, change your event strategies. This whole "have an event about a product with no launch dates/price" is old. You deliver innovative products. Do that with your events.